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The Story of Carousel Pediatrics

Carousel Pediatrics began in 2002 with this belief: that every child deserves quality healthcare. It began with a commitment to make quality medical and dental services accessible to all children in Central Texas, even those who are Medicaid or do not have access to traditional insurance benefits.

In healthcare, it is often easiest to serve those who don't need us—those with the means to seek the finest medical care money can buy. But that line of medicine left us wanting for more. So we made it our mission to develop a lasting way to make quality, compassionate healthcare accessible to everyone in our community.

Today, our integrated care model incorporates comprehensive health, dental and orthodontic services, as well as specialty services including Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Case Management in a caring, kid-friendly environment, minimizing the challenges and stress of caring for pediatric patients. Carousel Pediatrics centers are conveniently located with extended hours of operation, ensuring quality, accessible healthcare for working families.

Our model also includes education to help patients and families develop healthy lifestyles. It includes training and counseling on developing healthy habits, as well as stressing the importance of regular pediatric and dental appointments, preventative healthcare and tips on healthy diet and exercise.

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