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What are people saying about Carousel?

At Carousel Pediatrics, we are committed to providing the care, education and support patients need to develop a healthy lifestyle, from infancy to adulthood. Read what people are saying about us.

"I am so relieved and happy that Carousel has such a high number of bilingual personnel. I can communicate my concerns much better at your office"

"Keep up the good work! Carousel is doing a wonderful job"

"Everything went beautifully at our visit and I am always happy to come here"

"I love that Carousel has extended/weekend hours. It makes it so much easier for me to schedule during non-work/school hours"

"In my opinion, Carousel does an amazing job with the volume of patients that come"

"Carousel is my favorite office, out of all the offices that I have visited. I love coming here and the service is the best"

I am a Remote Call Center Representative here at Carousel Pediatrics. I just wanted to send a testimony to those in charge in the hopes that they would in turn send it to the wonderful people at the Carousel Pediatrics' Riverside Office.

My daughter is a patient at Riverside and she recently had an accident at school where she hit her head pretty hard and probably broke her nose. I called Rosemary at Riverside for advice and ended up having to bring her in later as a walk-in to see Dr. Greg McClelland. I have been speaking to both Rosemary and Catalina all this week and they have both been very patient, empathetic, and helpful. Dr. McClelland has also made us feel like my daughter's care was important to him. She is being referred for further tests and diagnoses but I wanted to let everyone know how nice, efficient, informative, and empathetic everyone I have dealt with at that office has been. Thank you for the wonderful care. I am honored and pleased to be an employee here at Carousel. Thanks.

Remote Agent
Carousel Pediatrics"

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